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[08 Jan 2010|12:00am]


Go to zappin. B:

[07 Aug 2006|03:07am]
Hello there everybody! (Yup, that's everybody, because this post is public! O:)

Finally got around to giving my journal a facelift today and I decided to kill two birds with one rock. :B So, I basically cut some people from my friends list. If you are one of those people, please don't take it personally, I just don't feel that we have anything in common any more and so I most likely don't read your posts. ._.

Anyway~ moving on~

New layout, new user info, new icons. Check them out yo! :B EVERYBODY GEI!
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[07 May 2006|09:16pm]


聖飢魔II [31 Dec 1999|11:59pm]
Disclaimer: Just a warning that there may be mistakes within this. Information on this band in English is very hard to come by, there is a bit of Engrish information out there but most of my knowledge has come from Japanese. The information in the biography has also been built up over a period of time from countless sources, however the discography information is taken from the official site.

聖飢魔II are...Collapse )

Pronunciation: seikimatsu
Genre: heavy metal / rock
Formed / Disbanded: 1985 / 1999
Current Status: recently returned for 20th anniversary tour

LINKSCollapse )
NOTESCollapse )

Written by strawberrytetsu (2006.04.19). Please do not repost it anywhere without my permission.
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